Tuesday, February 9, 2010

About my blog

Some days I have so much to say, I feel like it can't fit into one blog.

And the topics are so varied, that sometimes I think it would be better to split them into separate blogs by topic. Mommyhood, Wifelihood, Friendships, Moral / Political Views, Church / Biblical perspectives, etc, etc. Sometimes, like last night, my mind just races with things I want to write about. But I don't want to write too much at once, so I pick one thing, and often forget the others.

Blogging is therapy for me. I do it because I like getting my thoughts out. And if someone reads them, then 'YAY'. If not, no biggie. It's more about me putting them out there.
If someone agrees with me, then 'YAY'. If not, no biggie. In fact, I enjoy a little polite debate from time-to-time.

FireMan wants me to monetize my blog. Get something from it. Other people make money from blogs, why not me? I chuckle and explain to him that other people have much larger followings than I do.
I do think about it though. I mean, if I make $1, it's one dollar more than I had before, right? Or, if nothing else, maybe I'll show him how it's not worth it for me & he'll shutup about it, LOL. Or, there is always the possibility that somehow it actually works. Ha! I doubt it, but you never know.
I recently discovered another woman's blog, and she says she makes over $1000 per month from her blog. Granted, she does have quite a few followers. But I can't for the life of me figure out why. In my opinion, her blog is a snoozefest. More boring than even mine, LOL. So I guess you never know.

Anyway, back to splitting my blog. I decided not to. After all, all of those topics, all of those thoughts that I have, all of those things in my life... they're all part of me. So don't they belong in the FireWife blog? I think so.

Once again, thanks for reading.

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