Saturday, January 2, 2010

FireGirl pooped on the potty!

I'm so proud.

So, I didn't post anything on this when it happened, but a few weeks ago she had quite a few staph infections in her diaper area. Blah, blah, blah after getting some really strong antibiotics she has healed fine, but her pediatrician said that once a child gets a staph infection, they tend to recur, so he recommended that we try to potty train her ASAP, even though she's still rather young.

I've put off trying it, but for some reason I decided to today. I put her on the potty & she started laughing hysterically. Then I heard what I thought was a fart. I asked her if she was pooping, and she just laughed harder. Next thing I knew, she had pooped in the potty!

I was so excited! And she seemed to think it was hilarious!

I tried again later. She didn't go, but I was so impressed. I asked her if she was pooping, and I actually felt her start to kinda push, you know, like she was trying. She farted, but no poop that time.

Oh, I guess I should explain that we don't have a little potty for her, so I was holding her on the big potty. My hands were on her lower back supporting her, and I felt her push.

I'm so proud! My little genius!

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Candace said...

That is so funny... Gracie has pooped on the potty once and it was a complete accident. She looked shocked when it happened! LOL! I have been working with Grace to potty, and it is going ok. It was really hard to work with her while I was pregnant, otherwise she should already be done training, but hopefully it will come together here soon. Good luck with Firegirl though! :)

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