Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm a little embarrassed

I realized, thanks to a comment by Jene which got me thinking, that some of my posts might make it sound like FireMan is a crappy husband. So let me make it clear, he is not!

FireMan is so awesome, and I am so blessed to be living out my life with him.

Sure, we have our issues, every couple does, and since I often use this blog to vent my frustrations, it might sometimes sound like I am less than happy with him as my partner thru this journey, but let me assure you, that is not the case!

He is the perfect match for me, a loving & caring man, who works very hard to support his family and provide us with what we need, and more!


Ally said...

Everyone has their differences and issues as you said! You're not going to be happy 24-7. That would be a lie! At least you are honest! It's good to vent your anger here. Blogs are for you and only you. We blog what we feel and if people can't respect that, then they can hit the road! This is why I decided to try to blog mostly about my childhood. When I blogged about the daily crap on my MySpace blog, so many friends were giving me crap about it. Anyway, keep on blogging :)

Jene said...

@Ally - I didn't mean to imply that she couldn't or shouldn't write whatever she wanted on her blog. I do respect her feelings and thoughts, and was just making a comment based on what I had read. If you put it "out there" and want people to read it, people are going to have thoughts, opinions, and ideas about it, and will often share them in the comments section.

FireWife - I'm sure your husband is fantastic! I understand the need to have a place to vent. I was only suggesting that you re-think the place of worship decision.

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