Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So, I know I've been MIA...

... I just have a lot of things running thru my head right now. Actually have too much to blog about. Fancy that.

Mostly it relates to when FireGirl was born. With her birthday, plus some other small events, I keep flashing back to it.

To those of you who don't know, my birthing experience was... traumatic. Yeah, that's probably the best word.
And I've come to realize that I never really dealt with all the mental & emotional stuff that goes along with having the birth of your beautiful, wonderful Blessing be so traumatic and damaging to yourself.

So, while physically I have healed, mentally & emotionally I am pretty much just beginning to address some of these issues. So my head has a lot going on lately. I'll probably blog about it eventually, but for now I still need to get this stuff sorted out for myself.

God bless!

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