Thursday, November 12, 2009

New direction

Not that I really had much direction for this blog to begin with, but I've decided to capture more family moments.

And to that end... FireGirl learned to throw a ball. This has kept her entertained for hours over the past two days. She throws it, goes & picks it up, throws it again. Rinse, repeat. So cute!

She's also been a great kicker. She can kick like no one-year-old I've ever seen! Last night she kicked her ball all the way down the hall (one kick at a time), then carried it back to me.

FireGirl has also finally learned to operate the four-wheeler we got her for her birthday. So it looks like we will be cleaning out the basement so she has room to ride during the winter.

I should also note that FireMan has officially started his own business. Got approval from the Secretary of State earlier this week, ordered business cards, and he already has two clients! It's moving really quickly, and I'm struggling to keep up. Need to set up a bank account, get a website going, design a logo, design & create a website, etc, etc, etc.
I am so very proud of him, and am excited for us to start this new adventure.

Thanks for checking in!

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