Friday, November 13, 2009

Gay Marriage

Did you see this article:

Personally, I understand what the Catholic Church is trying to do, but I'm not sure I can respect an organization that is willing to put thousands of lives at risk by stopping the work that they do with them, in order to get their way politically.

This whole topic of gay marriage, plus some issues in my past, have led me to question whether or not the government should have a role in marriage at all.

It's a murky area.

Marriage is an institution put in place by God. Therefore, it is at it's core between a man, woman, and God. No one else.
Yes, biblically speaking, marriage is to be between a man & a woman. The Bible is very clear about where God stands on homosexuality, and all referances to marriage are always in reference to husband & wife, or man & woman.

But is it right for our government to uphold what is essentially a spiritual belief? I say 'no'.

The decision to marry is a very personal, private matter. While the decision should be rejoiced, at the same time who is involved in the decision should be left to the two people and God. Period.

I'm starting to think the government shouldn't recognize marriages at all, within governmental or political bounds. We should absolutely recognize them as a society, but what does the government have to do with it.

Where it gets murky is because a lot of benefits, tax breaks, etc. are specifically given only to married couples. Well, quite frankly, I have thought this was wrong since my single days. You're refusing me a benefit because I'm single? Sounds like discrimination to me.

And while yes, I believe homosexuality is a sin, it doesn't mean I think it's okay to disrespect or discriminate against those who practice a gay lifestyle. That's not okay at all.
We are all sinners.

"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" -- Romans 3:23

It's hard for me to explain where I stand on this subject.
Do I believe that marriage should be reserved for a man & a woman? Yes. The Bible tells me that.
Do I think that the government has a right to decide who can & who can't get married? or put any other limitations on the institution of marriage? I am strongly leaning towards "no"


Marianne said...

Just saw your "Praying for Stellan" button. Was that a miracle or what?

Jene said...

I think this is a topic that a lot of people wrestle with. While I now consider myself agnostic, and I'm very much in favor of gay marriage, I was raised catholic so I know that side of the argument, too.

I think that anyone should be able to get married, as it's a social institution. Perhaps the best solution would be to have the legal marriage and the religious marriage kept separate. In essence, that's what it is now, anyway. You can't get married in a church without a legal document - a marriage certificate issued by the government.

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