Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Christmas" vs "Holiday" Tree

Seriously ??


I can't believe this was even a question. There is no such thing as a Hanukkah tree. Or a Kwanzaa tree. Or a Festivus tree. If you're gonna have a tree on display during the month of December, and you plan to decorate it with Christmas lights, and Christmas ornaments, then, let's all be honest now, it is a Christmas tree.

People seriously need to get over their hangups, and let it be.

We're not forcing you to celebrate Christmas (although I personally know several non-Christians who enjoy the commercialized aspects of Christmas), so don't ask us to not celebrate.


Cynthia said...


The use of evergreen trees as decoration for the Winter season in various cultures predates Christianity.

Jodi said...

I am aware. I actually know Christians who refuse to have a Christmas tree for this reason. But the use in our society, in modern times, is specifically in celebration of Christmas, especially when displayed with lights & ornaments in the month of December.
Personally, I know of no other holiday, religious or otherwise, that observes this tradition today.

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