Sunday, October 4, 2009

FireGirl's First Birthday Party...

... was yesterday.

We had a beautiful, wonderful, awesomely blessed day.

I still need to download some pics, but I'll try to post one or two once I get them.

It was a great day. We had a lot of family, and a few close friends, and more love than I can express. I am truly thankful for the blessing God has given us in they way of loving family & friends. I am thankful for the ones who were able to share in this day with us, and for the wonderful generosity they showed towards FireGirl.

On the way to the park where we had the party, I was overwhelmed with the acknowledgement of how blessed FireMan & I really are. Even materially speaking. Don't get me wrong, we're not wealthy by any means. We live in a fixer-upper, drive used cars, I'm a coupon-cutting fool when it comes to our food budget, etc, etc, etc. But we still have so much. Just the fact that we were able to spend what money we did to have FireGirl's party, that we were able to buy her a great present as well. I just can't believe how God has chosen to bless our lives.


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