Friday, October 2, 2009

Different is not necessarily better or worse. It's just different.

The company I work for employees people from just about every diverse aspect you can think of. It's a melting pot of races, ethnicities, and cultures; genders and sexual orientation, religions and physical abilities. You name it, we probably got it.

And with very few exceptions, we all respect each other's differences. It's great.

Oddly enough, the biggest cultural intolerance I see here has nothing to do with race, creed, or gender - it's the cultural differences between different divisions within the same company, even here at the same location.

I have a hard time even describing it. But there are very clear cultural differences between each division. And everyone thinks their division is doing things the right way, and they look down on the others. At least this has been my experience. At times it's almost comical.

The thing that gets me, not only at work, but in the world in general, is why "different", has to be looked at as either better or worse. Why can't something, or someone, just be different, but have the same value?

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