Monday, September 7, 2009

What I Learned While Working RiverFest

So yesterday FireMan & I volunteer for boat patrol with our Water Rescue team for Riverfest. This means that we spend approximately 12 hours on the water, patrolling the Ohio River, basically waiting for boaters to get into trouble so we can be there to save them. We were in one of the smallest rescue boats, so didn't get much action. We encountered two gentlemen who were attempting to swim the River, but by the time we encountered them they were almost across, and were wearing life jackets, so we simply escorted them the rest of the way across, making sure they were safe. We also assisted in escorting the fireworks barge into position, and ran the eastern picket line. The picket line is a line of rescue / enforcement boats that make sure boaters are being safe and maintaining a no wake speed after the fireworks are over.

Anywho, I learned / were reminded of a few things yesterday.

Being in the same general area as my husband and numerous scantily women is not good for our marriage.
He says he can't (won't) stop looking, and to see him to see him checking out other women hurts me deeply. So putting ourselves in that position = no good for the marriage.

Fat guys are teddy bears. Fat gals are cows.
Or that's how society sees them anyway. Saw numerous very large men surrounded by cute chicks. Saw numerous chubby chicks surrounded by... their chubby friends.

Drunk people do really stupid things.
Like when law enforcement is telling them to slow down, they yell things like "Thanks! Now get out of the way!". Right before being pursued by said law enforcement. Nice.

Sober people do really smart things.
Like radio dispatch requesting for a rescue boat to evacuate them from their boat, because the person driving it has been drinking, and refuses to hand over the wheel.

I am too old to be out past 11pm.
That one's pretty self explanatory.

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