Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rough Night #2

It was another night of Jena screaming at bedtime. I'm not sure what's going on. This started happening out of the blue.

I'm starting to think maybe it's separation anxiety, because after our first try at bedtime last night, after I finally went in to get her up, she would not leave my side. Clung to me.
Second try I got her to fall asleep on my chest while sitting on the couch, was sure she was out, got up, laid her in the crib, and... let the screaming commence. Ugh.

I finally ended up taking her into our bed (we have never co-slept with her). She eventually fell asleep, calmly, gripping tightly to my shirt. I managed to pry her loose, then left her there, sleeping peacefully next to me, for about 30 min before I carefully moved her to her crib.

So on night two it took three tries, and three hours. She wasn't in her crib until nearly 1am.

After that I went downstairs to feed the dogs & lock them up for the night, since they had been barking intermittantly. So I finally got to bed around 2am.

Around 5am I am awakened by the sound of Tootsie barking. They managed to get out. Ugh. She barked for a good 30 min before I finally got up & yelled at her. I staggered back to bed & passed out. I wake up to the sound of her barking again at 6am. At 6:30am, I drag myself downstairs and give her a good talking to. She knew she was in trouble. Guess I should have done that in the first place, because there was no more barking.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much more time for sleep either. I crawled back into bed, only for my alarm to go off a couple of minutes later. I hit the snooze until 7:15am, then got up and began getting ready for the day.

Needless to say I am tired & grumpy today. Jodi needs a nap.


Candace said...

God love ya... been there. Grace was the same way... and around that year mark, she started having trouble sleeping. I will be praying for little firegirl and for her firemomma! :)

Cynthia said...

Do you guys have a set routine for putting her down so she can predict what's up? My BFF has a routine with her 2-yr old that has been working like a charm for awhile. Bath and pajamas, then they go outside to look for the moon, come in - read a book or several, and then she gets in her crib. She has a blanket she likes that lives in her crib, so she's happy to see the blanket and will usually happily get in the crib. Same exact routine, same exact order every time. Except for when the little girl is REALLY tired - when she'll go in and point at her crib or ask to go to sleep.

Jodi said...

Nota - we have a really short bedtime routine. I cradle her, we say prayers, then a song, then into the crib.

The funny thing is I was just telling my mom that now that she's older, I should probably come up with a longer, more predictable routine, so she knows what's going on. Seems a little late now, but we'll still start it.

It really seems to be separation anxiety. She wants her momma, and no one else. Why it only happens at nighttime I have yet to figure out though.

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