Saturday, September 5, 2009


I recently read a poll of new mothers asking if they were more Pro-Choice or more Pro-Life since giving birth (than they were before being pregnant). I was shocked to find that more were Pro-Choice.I have a daughter.

I remember getting that ultrasound at 7 weeks. You can see your baby. You can see & hear the heartbeat. At just 7 weeks.How anyone can think of abortion as anything other than murdering a child is beyond me.How these moms, some of whom I'm sure also had early ultrasounds, could say that they are more Pro-Choice after having a child is beyond me.What kind of society do we live in that it is okay to kill the weakest and most helpless among us? That women will choose to go against the nature of their bodies, which is to nurture and protect this baby, and instead choose to kill it.What do they tell themselves to make them okay with this? How can you live with yourself, knowing you have intentionally killed your own child?*disclaimer* the following statements do not apply to victims of rape, or those choose to abort their child in instances where it is medically needed to save the life of the mother, or any other such cases.I have recently come to the conclusion that in most cases, the act of abortion is one of illogical selfish irresponsibility.Why it is illogical?Because many of the women who choose to get abortions when they don't want the child they'v conceived, would also fight to protect another baby that they decided they do want. What kind of logic is it that if the mother chooses to abort an unwanted child, it's okay, but if a stranger performs a violent act that kills a wanted unborn child, it's murder? That is no logic. The difference is only wanted versus unwanted. Whether you want it or not, murder is murder.Why is it selfish?Because you have chosen your comfort, convenience, way of life over the very existence of another living creature. Another person. Your own child. You have somehow convinced yourself that your child is better off dead, than to have the chance at life. I'm sorry, but that is not your choice to make. And before you say "yes it is, it's my baby", just ask yourself if you would then legalize infanticide.Why is it irresponsible?Because there are currently a bevy of contraceptive methods out there to prevent pregnancy. Most of them fairly easy to obtain. Heck, you can even get free birth control from certain family planning clinics. With all of the contraceptive options out there, there is virtually no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy, other than the fact that you weren't willing to take responsibility for your own actions.Along the same lines, if you are so dead-set against having a child that you would be willing to undergo an invasive medical procedure to "terminate the pregnancy", perhaps you should seriously consider abstaining from sexual intercourse. I'm being serious. Just think about it.Okay, I'm sure if you've found your way to this page that by now you're either applauding me, or seriously pissed off. Either way, hopefully I gave you something to think about.

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