Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why is life so complicated? Or am I making it so?

So, the friend that I went to the park with, the one that saw FireGirl's first steps? Well, DeeDee's actually the wife of my ex.
I knew her before I knew him. We were all friends. At one point, she was actually my best girlfriend.
We had a falling out, but recently cleared the air and made amends, and have been trying out this friend thing again.

For obvious reasons, there is some awkwardness from time-to-time.

Fast forward to last night, when I get word that one of my bestest friends is having trouble with her husband. She found out she had been contacting his ex-wife in secret. For months. Both he and his ex swear there's nothing going on, but.... you understand why it's hard to believe, right?

So this has me re-thinking this friendship with DeeDee. I do want to be friends with her again. I would love for us to get together, go out together, go shopping, talk, just hang out. She was a great friend before, and I would love to recapture that. But... now I'm wondering if I should. Because she's married to my ex and all.
What if it does eventually lead to all of us getting together?
I just don't ever want to do anything that anyone would translate as any sort of impropriety on my part. I don't ever want my husband to ever even wonder that about me.

So I'm unsure of next step.
One part of me wants to call her up and schedule a girls' shopping trip to the new outlet mall. As long as I keep my nose clean, now worries.
Another part of me thinks maybe I should just stop everything, and let this old friend be just that: a friend from my past, not my present.

I don't know. What do you think? Comments appreciated.

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