Monday, August 17, 2009

Went Diving this past weekend

Had a great weekend.

Still trying to overcome my fear of sinking. Makes the initial descent a little difficult. Had some trouble equalizing on the initial descent on our last dive Saturday and my only dive Sunday. Not good, but as long as I can take my time and go down at my own pace (which FireMan is really good at letting me do), then I can usually get my ears on board and continue on with a good dive.

My buoyancy is getting better & better, so that's good. In fact, despite the issues on the initial descent on Saturday, I'm declaring that my best dive yet. It was definitely the closest I had gotten to the bottom, without ending up touching anything!

One thing I have to work on is that my legs tend to hang below me, so I'm in a semi-vertical position, trying to move thru the water. Creates a TON of drag, and ends up with me kicking more than I need to. Not sure how to fix it. Might have to consult my instructor-friend.

I may just be ready for the Bahamas yet!

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