Monday, August 3, 2009

To everyone who keeps spouting "Buy American" cars:

Do you have any idea how many AMERICAN jobs are created by "foreign" auto manufacturers?
Do you have any idea how much money is pumped into the US economy by "foreign" car companies?

I am so sick of hearing this. Why?
Because usually it's said in ignorance.
Because I'm tired of people buying into some line that their being fed by the media, or the UAW, or even our own President instead of getting the facts & thinking for themselves.

Did you know the most "American" car for 2009 is the Toyota Camry?
That five of the top 10 "American" cars are made by "foreign" manufacturers?

It's not just the plants where the cars are made either. The number of AMERICAN suppliers, sub-suppliers, and raw materials suppliers that get business from "foreign" car manufacturers is ENORMOUS. So big it's actually difficult to grasp.

Look here in the tri-state. Over 1000 people employed by TOYOTA in Kentucky alone. And that doesn't count the contractors they employ. Or the suppliers that I mentioned earlier. Over 1000 people in Ohio & Indiana employed by HONDA. Again, not counting contractors or suppliers.
And that's just the manufacturing side. Doesn't include finance (Toyota has an office in Cincinnati), sales (all over), etc.

I'm not saying buying American is bad. I'm just asking people to use their heads and think about what that really means.

Is it better to buy a "foreign" car that is built in Kentucky with the majority of its parts from the US?
or is it better to buy an "American" car that is built in Canada with a good deal of parts from foreign suppliers?

Just because the company is based in Detroit doesn't mean you're necessarily driving an "American" car.
And just because the company is based in another country doesn't mean you're not.

Just think about it.

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