Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boat Patrol last night

Last night Jason & I ran boat patrol for water rescue. It was a beautiful night to be on the River, and for the most part was a calm, relaxing boat ride. We had one broken down boat, dead in the water. We towed the boat to the nearest doc, then took the boaters (2 adults, one child, and 2 dogs) to the dock where they entered the water (about 10 nautical miles away), so they could get a ride. Didn't tow their boat the entire way because it's too hard on the rescue boat's engines.

Anyway, it was a great night for a boat ride, we did a good deed, and it made me nostalgic. Reminded me of our wedding. We got married on the rescue boat, the same one we were on last night. The picture above is actually from our wedding. Similar weather, same boat, on there with Jason. It was great.

He's actually out on the River for boat patrol again today. I'm at home hoping Jena will finally drift off to sleep (she's been fighting it for 45 min), and deciding how productive I want to be today.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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