Monday, July 27, 2009

Scuba Diving at Portage Quarry

This past weekend (Saturday & Sunday) FireMan & I went scuba diving at Portage Quarry in northern Ohio. Quite frankly, it is the nicest quarry I have ever been diving in.
The water was warm (as quarries go), great visibility, lots of things to see (including a Hansa jet), lots of fish (a must, for me), a well-maintained facility, price was reasonable, every staff member we came in contact with was very friendly, and the owner (Jeff) even came and talked with us a while.
It was just a wonderful experience.

We managed to get seven dives in in the course of two days. I am sore & tired, but had a great time. Had my best dive to date in the matter of buoyancy (I'm working on it!), and got some good time in the water.
We'll definitely be going back, probably next month. Message me if you're interested in joining!

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